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Kelley Blue Book Used Car guide and its ways of valuation

Since the first edition of Kelley Blue Book Used Car guide was published in 1926 by the owner Mr. Les Kelley, common consumers don’t have any idea; on how does the Kelley Blue Book used car guide estimating its prices given for the valuation of every vehicle. This is one of the best reasons also [...]

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Nada Vs. Kelley Blue Book

Figuring out the price of a car, whether used or new, is no easy task. For every model, you can find a range of different prices, often with little reason for the discrepancies. The two leading guidelines for automotive values in the U.S are the Kelley Blue Book and the NADA guide, and this article [...]

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How to Use NADA Guides to Assess a Car’s Value

Step 1: Log onto the NADA.com website (see Resources below). NADA.com has links to each of the three main branches of the NADA (Consumer, Business and Dealer’s Association). Read each link’s information box carefully to know which services are offered through each branch. * Step 2: Use the “Consumer” link to access basic information about [...]

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What Is the NADA Blue Book?

The NADA is the National Automobile Dealers Association, an organization which has been in existence since 1917. The NADA represents car dealers, but also is a great resource for consumers. The NADA Blue Book values are of great use to anyone who wants to know exactly how much a new or used car is worth. [...]

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About Kelley Blue Book

Instructions Function Kelley Blue Book is an automotive vehicle valuation company that publishes a guide to the value of new and used vehicles, motorcycles, mobile homes, RVs, snowmobiles, and boats each year. It also operates a website where car buyers, dealerships, and lenders can search for the appraised value of a car based on the [...]

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How to Calculate Salvage Value of an Automobile

Instructions *Step 1: Research the blue book value for the car’s make and model. The blue book value is its retail value through a dealer and assumes the car’s in excellent condition. *Step 2: Look up the automobile’s wholesale price through the automobile blue book or NADA guide value websites. The wholesale price is also [...]

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How to Determine the Fair Market Value of a Car

Instructions Step 1: Use the Kelley Blue Book or KBB.com to determine the fair market value of a car (see Resources below). The Blue book has been used for decades to help buyers determine what prices are accurate for an automobile, whether they are new or used. Step 2: Look up the make and model [...]

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About Blue Book Values

Instructions Significance Nearly one of out of every three people who purchase a new or used automobile in the United States visits the top-rated Kelley Blue Book website. According to the company, no other medium reaches more in-market vehicle shoppers. History In 1918, a young entrepreneur named Les Kelley traveled from Arkansas to California, where [...]

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Information On Kelly Blue Book

Instructions Step 1: Find out the manufacturers suggested retail price of the vehicle in which you are interested by visiting the manufacturer’s website or other car value sites. Subtract your down payment or trade-in amount from the sticker price. This amount is your net cost. Step 2: Contact the dealer to find out the interest [...]

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How to Search Kelley Blue Book

Instructions Explore Kelley Blue Book Step 1: Search Kelley Blue Book for the trade-in, private party or suggested retail value of a used car. By inputting specific information about the car, you can get a good sense of how much your car is worth in these three different types of transactions. Information you will need [...]

Motor Home Blue Book

            You can’t go on a vacation all the time, so your precious motor home will end up spending more time on your driveway or in your garage than on the open road. If you feel your motor home won’t be seeing any more action, then the obvious choice would be to sell it for [...]

Kelley Blue Book Snowmobiles

            Is winter coming to a close, leaving little use for that snowmobile gathering dust in your garage? Sell it for a fair market price with the Kelley Blue Book. A change of seasons may only be one of many reasons why you end up getting rid of your precious investment, but making sure you [...]

Blue Book Value for Trucks

There is no question that many who have ventured into the buying and selling of vehicles in the industry have heard at one point or another of the blue book value for trucks.  However, not everyone completely understands what it is all about or precisely what it stands for including its value to both buyer [...]

Blue Book Value for Trucks

There is no question that many who have ventured into the buying and selling of vehicles in the industry have heard at one point or another of the blue book value for trucks. However, not everyone completely understands what it is all about or precisely what it stands for including its value to both buyer and [...]

Kelley Blue Book for Boats

For majority of people, the Kelley Blue Book for boats is concerned with topics that cover tips associated with buying, selling, and owning a boat.  This means that it can provide a comprehensive reference material for prospective boat buyers as well as sellers, regardless whether they are individual owners of vehicle dealers.  There is no [...]

Kelley Blue Book for Motorcycles

The Kelley Blue Book for motorcycles can present some distinct advantages to anyone who is interested in buying used motorcycles instead of a brand new one.  It is obvious that the basic advantage of opting for a used motorcycle would have to be the considerably lower price.  However, there are some instances wherein lower prices [...]

Kelley Blue Book Trade in Value

Car owners should be aware that there are a number of other options that are open to them aside from trading in, which is where the Kelley Blue Book trade in value becomes extremely important. When dealing with buying and selling of cars, nothing compares to being an informed participant. There is no question that the Kelly [...]

Edmunds Used Cars

Edmunds used cars believes that every type of industry goes through an evolution, which means that selling cars today is an extremely different experience altogether compared to what it was a decade ago. These changes are primarily attributed to the technological advances made making it possible for buyers and sellers to institute an interactive transaction without [...]

How Much is My Car Worth 2

One of the key elements in determining “How much is my car worth?” would obviously have to be valuation. Essentially, valuation refers to the estimate that is provided by the car buyer for purely information purposes to give the car owner an accurate idea on the worth of the vehicle including all of its customization.  This [...]

Car Loan Calculator

There is no question that buying a new vehicle can be one of the best experiences that anyone can have which is why it is important to be aware of the benefits provided by a car loan calculator.  For many people, this type of purchase is one of the major financial investments that they would [...]